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Did Anyone Not Love Joan Blondell?

Justice Stewart said famously in 1964 of pornography, "I know it when I see it." The tens of thousands who subscribe to r/SexyButNotporn enjoy contesting that definition by finding and sharing images that tow the line. In England, there are even TV…

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Affairs With Married Men

I on the other hand love him so much it is sick. I know you 'feel' like you love him but he is not good for you and you know it. Do anything like she bit cold air and said. They can transport you to 3D worlds that aren't accessible in real life, like a…

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Affairs With Married Men

Rachel at only eight had already heard many of the stories during her previous months at Sunday school. Maybe the tanning salons have some kind of tanning pills that can get you black in 5 months. She could have never predicted three short months ago,…

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