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4chan: The Skeleton Key To The Rise Of Trump

Many current and former White House advisors counseled against the kind of announcement made Sunday night. Indeed, in times past—until 1998—PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, lived freely in Syria and the father of the current Assad allowed him to train and…

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Report Cyberbullying For The Benefit Of The Society

And yet, thanks to a tepid response from the federal government, it's unclear if anything has really changed. US lawmakers have also proposed new federal privacy legislation aimed at giving consumers more control over their data. Lawmakers were already…

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New Research Finds That Many Internet Trolls Are 'everyday Sadists'

More women own smartphones than men and are more reliant and comfortable with technology than they were a few years ago. The modern marketer understands that female customers are no longer technology shy and are among the biggest buyers of smartphones…

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