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For six months, Bingham, acting under two fake Facebook accounts, blackmailed his real-life girlfriend into performing sex acts over a web cam - posing as an American footballer called Grant and a man called Chad, Hull Crown Court heard. The report,…

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Webcam Couples Paid By Strangers To Have Sex Rake In Six-figure Salary

On the phone, Taylor clearly stated how relieved she was that the line did not call her a "bitch"; Kanye elides the fact that the version she gave her blessing did not include that word, glossing over the addition with a feeble excuse about it actually…

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Why Are These Attractions So Natural And Pleasant?

This has been properly hyped, I think. BTC/BCH, ETH/ETC, XMR/DASH/ZEC. If you’re going to trade, you should think about how these things trade vs. But it will probably be remembered as the project that made people start to think twice about "clever"…

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