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Chris Pine is taking ballet and says he wishes he'd started years ago

While it is unlikely that Captain James T Kirk will need to perform any ballet moves in the next Star Trek movie, Chris Pine is taking classes and loving it. The Share this article Share 'One, it's artistic, but a lot of vanity,' he…

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took photos of herself all around the set on a disposable camera to give to a young fan.The beloved actress, who played Dot Cotton on the soap, died on Sunday April 3 aged 95 at her home in Surrey.One fan took to and revealed that when he was a child,…

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Jets donating $1 million to aid relief efforts in Ukraine

NEW YORK (AP) - Suzanne Johnson's thoughts often turn to her late parents when she sees the heartbreaking video clips and news reports out of Ukraine. Sometimes it's too much to take. And she just desperately wants to help. It all hits close to home for…

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